Austerfield Apiary

From the days of the Egyptian Pharaohs, the early Greeks, the Romans and on through Biblical time, honey has been treasured both as medium of exchange and as a rare tasty treat.

Even today, it is the only sweet available in commercial quantities that is not man made. It takes three thousand worker bees making the equivalent of almost seven trips around the world to produce the honey in an Austerfield Apiary 500 gram container.

Austerfield honey is gathered from the Dundalk Highlands, with an elevation of 1700 ft. making it the highest point in Ontario above sea level. Due to the growing season being only three months in length this area is not intensely farmed, thus there is very low use of chemical spray or fertilizer.

Bees are an incredibly important part of our environment, pollinating flowers, fruits and vegetables. It is estimated that bees are responsible for pollinating about one third of the worlds food supply!

Sadly, bee populations world wide are in rapid decline, but by providing shelter for honeybees, apiarists are an integral part of the continuity of these important insects.

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