Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does honey need to be refrigerated?
    No. It can be kept at room temperature in a kitchen cupboard.
  • Does honey go bad?
    No. Honey over time can darken. Honey can also crystallize (which looks like sugar) We guarantee nothing is added or taken away from our honey.
  • Why does it look like my honey is turning to sugar?
    This is the natural process of unpasteurized honey. It does NOT mean we’ve added sugar. Pasteurized honey means it has been heated to such a high temperature so that it doesn’t crystallize, so it looks “better” on the shelf. Our honey is unpasteurized.
  • Is your honey pure?
    Yes. 100%. We keep our hives on land that we know isn’t sprayed with any pesticides. We know a bee can travel 2 miles so we also ensure that fields in that radious aren’t sprayed either.
  • Why are there different colour honeys?
    Each honey is from a different flower. Different flowers produce different colour/taste of honey. Usually, the darker the honey the stronger the taste.

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